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How Can I Do Yoga At Home or From ANYWHERE – 3 Week Yoga Retreat Meeting Where You Are Literally – Sarah Bolen

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THIS IS SOOOOOO AWESOME!  I have to admit, I did not start out liking yoga.  It took me awhile to LEARN what it actually is and how spiritual it is!  Some of the poses are CRAZY and I would feel like my body might get stuck in that position…hahahaha.  However, I have grown to LOVE the feeling, and I am so thankful that Beachbody has come out with this 3 Week Yoga Retreat because it encompasses ALL LEVELS of people from beginner to experienced!

Yoga is more than just poses, it is about your mind and your limits that you THINK you have!

This 3 Week Yoga Retreat is FREE with Beachbody On Demand which also includes an incredible cooking show called FIXATE (vegan, vegetarian + paleo options) that will help you understand portion control as well as hundreds of other workouts if you are looking to start a program after you complete your 3 Week Retreat OR do both!

You can access this AMAZING 3 Week Yoga Retreat 2 different ways:

3 week yoga retreat

You can either get your Club Membership, portion control containers AND Shakeology bundled together at a discount. I have been drinking Shakeology every day for almost 4 years, the pure dense nutrition had changed everything in my life, so I highly encourage you to get the pack so you can start incorporating it’s holistic properties along with your portion control containers that are incorporated into all Beachbody programs and what the FIXATE cooking show will help you master! Plus, when you invest in a challenge pack you automatically get to join my online wellness studio for group support and coaching. It has a 30 day money back guarantee so honestly, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your health should be your #1 priority.

  1. CLICK HERE to order your discounted pack.
  2. Choose your flavor of Shakeology, MY FAVORITE IS CAFE LATTE, but you can choose from many others, and make sure you get the bag and not the packets.


You can just get your Beachbody on Demand membership on it’s own which is FREE for the first 30 days and then you can get it as a 3, 6 or 12 month membership. I’m really excited to do this along with you. I know that we will have a blast and that everyone can use a little retreat.

1. CLICK HERE to get your Beachbody On Demand Membership
2. Then email me at sarahbolen@live.com to let me know you joined!



3 Week Yoga Retreat