Hi! I am Sarah! I am SUPER excited that you are visiting my site! Here is a little bit about me:) I have been married to my soul mate, Troy, since 1994! I have two teenaged daughters, Shania & Sierra, who incidentally I have been trying to convince for a few years to go into a career that they ENJOY & LOVE to go to every single day!

I used to be 70lbs heavier than I am. I have ALWAYS been a runner. I have done countless half-marathons, 5K’s, and triathlons – I even won a mini-one once! Even though I did all of those things, I was NEVER fit! This was VERY frustrating to me! At one of my doctor’s appointments, I was venting to her about how much I ran, but could NEVER lose a pound. She looked me in the eye and said, “IT’S ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!” I seriously wanted to punch her. However, that line runs through my head EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I began to eat clean. I gave up refined sugar, and I only eat what God made. I started losing weight, but my skin was saggy. I know I had to do some sort of exercise to tone up. I needed some muscle and nutrition!

I live in Duluth, MN, and my girls play AAU Basketball in Minneapolis. Therefore, I drive 2.5 hours each way to practice a couple days a week from March through July. When I would get home from practice, it was around 11:30 PM, and I was wired. One night, I turned on the TV and I don’t know the code to get all the channels because my husband always holds the remote:) Since he was sleeping, the only channel I could watch had an Insanity infomercial on it! I became completely hooked! I have never done a workout program before. The two most important things I like about it were that I didn’t have to go to a gym, and there were no gadgets! I bought it the very next day!

I have since become COMPLETELY addicted to it! I LOVE IT! It makes me HAPPY every single day! Beachbody ENDORPHINS are the greatest thing on earth! I am TOTALLY obsessed with INSANITY!

Back to my girls:) They had a tournament at Iowa State in July, very far away from home. ROADTRIP:) It is one of those things where we watch them play all day and then at night the parents all hang out at the hotel.

I sat down on a loveseat on the hotel patio next to a mom from another team. She was a BEAUTIFUL Italian woman named Dana Neve! We started talking and I almost fell on the floor when she said, “I work for Beachbody!” I said, “What, I didn’t know you could work or Beachbody! I am COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO INSANTIY and Shakeology!!!!” I told her it has taken over my life! Dana and I totally hit it off, and that was a PIVOTAL moment in my life! Things happen for a reason, and in MY family we call that a GOD-incident! I became a coach RIGHT AWAY!

It happened to me! What I have been praying for for my girls fell into my lap! I FINALLY found a career that is my PASSION! I love EVERYTHING about Beachbody! Just like Dana said on that loveseat, it NEVER feels like a job, and we are surrounded by POSITIVE, HAPPY people all day every day! Since then, my husband has lost 42lbs with Shakology! PURE DENSE NUTRITION!

When I feel like I got knocked down, I always remember what Beachbody is ALL about:


*YOU are empowering OTHERS to succeed!

*Put your HEART, MIND, and SOUL into even the smallest things!

*You are adding value to people’s lives!

*YOU are ending obesity!

*LOVE yourself – it feels so good!

*Never look back!

*Never quit!

*If I can do it, why can’t you?

I LOVE every workout! I LOVE my results! I LOVE Shakeology! I LOVE spreading OPTIMISM, POSITIVITY, and HEALTH! I am PROUD to be a product of the product! I WANT to make a difference! I WANT to INSPIRE! I WANT to make people HAPPY and LOVE THEMSELVES every single day! I LOVE what I have developed in myself personally, and how I have grown! If someone doesn’t like my choices, I move forward from them! I FOCUS only on the people in my life who LIFT ME HIGHER! If I have a bad day, and PUSH FORWARD and NEVER look back! I ALWAYS choose to look at the POSITIVES with PASSION & PURPOSE!

I want to make a DIFFERENCE in YOUR life! Please let me invest MY time in YOU!

As a Beachbody Coach I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals of becoming happier and healthier through fitness and nutrition.

I promise to coach you through your weight loss, muscle building and overall fitness journey. I can offer you all the tools and guidance necessary, backed by the most effective workouts programs and supplements available, to get into the best shape of your life- and help you stay there!

Sarah Bolen

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