Karma Nelson, Sarah Bolen, Dana Neve, Stephanie Richardson

Karma Nelson, Sarah Bolen, Dana Neve, Stephanie Richardson


Click on this link to watch a 27 min video about what Beachbody Coaching is all about!

Click here to watch Sarah pour her heart out about why EVERYONE should add Coaching to their life!

What BEACHBODY has done for me has been both wonderful, and at the same time completely life changing! I love EVERYTHING about it!  The best way that I can describe the change in my life is both physically and now mentally…my entire outlook on life has changed for the better.

Now I want to give back! I want to make a difference! The best way that I know how is to spread the news, helps others, and be there for anyone that wants to take control of their lives and feel better than ever in the process.

What are the “TOP 10″ reasons for joining my team?

1. A chance to return physically and mentally to the “YOU” you use to know!
2. Free coaching along your fitness journey!
3. A fitness accountability partner in me directly and so many others just like you!
4. Someone to listen, motivate and be there when you need them most!
5. Access to the best workouts, meal plans and recipes to help you be a success!
6. Discounts on Shakeology and any Beachbody Workout!
7. A chance to become a Beachbody coach and help others – to make a difference in someone else’s life!
8. A chance to start your own business!
9. A chance to win fabulous trips and prizes!
10.A chance for life changing, financial independence!

There are so many ways that being a part of Team Beachbody can help you, your friends, family members and the many others out there that will soon be your friends for life. Please just CONTACT me today if you’d like to hear more!

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